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What We Do

If this is a first sally into therapy, you might well wonder what we do.  Wouldn't friends, family, self-help, meditation, or the gym do just as well?  And sometimes they do; those are realistically all good places to start when there is distress or just desire for positive change.

People often have been living with distress for quite a while when they consider therapy.  Whether it involves personal relationships, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, or cumulative stress with all the underlying concerns and circumstances, they're hoping for relief, direction, and solutions.

This is me.  Kathy Nash, M.A., L.P.C.

I aim to offer a relaxed, safe space to explore concerns, one in which you feel genuinely heard and seen.  .  Relief from immediate, pressing distress is an initial emphasis, with focus on deeper insight, longer range direction, and new practice following.  I use a variety of therapy techniques tailored to you, your path, and your place on it.  Some of these techniques are for exploration and understanding, some for stabilizing, some for skill building, and the like.  (You can read more about these under "Therapies" in the navigation menu at the top of the page.)

I envision therapy as a journey within "the journey," linking who you are or were with who you can be.  To be invited to accompany someone on this journey of exploration and discovery is a gracious trust.  Together we will address present difficulties.  I do this with belief in the individual's underlying strength and resilience which come into play in all we will do.  We will also envision future aspirations.  Who is the person you would like to be?  What is the life you would like to have?  How are these achieved?  If spiritual or physical issues are a concern, these are included in our search. 

We will consider these together on this journey of promise.  Therapy is an opportunity to say what you want and need to say, to feel what you feel-- often discover what you feel-- and to play with new perspectives and possibilities.  It's a means to deeper knowledge about yourself and others.  With all of this comes the possibility of renewed approaches, actions, and ways of being.

Kathy Nash, M.A., L.P.C.  License #882                                           phone:  307-760-5665

1277 N. 15th Street                                                                                                  email:

Laramie, Wyoming 82070                                                                           

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