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What to expect

So you've made the leap, you have an appointment, and you're on your way.  Then what?  Usually, we'll meet for 50 or 55 minutes  The conversation should generally feel comfortable, and the first sessions are, among other things, mutual getting-to-know-you times.  I'll want to learn about you and your concerns, and you'll learn more about me.  We'll be looking at your present and past circumstances and ways of thnking and feeling that are related to your concerns.  You will begin formulating goals.

Later sessions will vary.  You'll be finding deeper understandings and looking at themes and patterns that move you.  You can anticipate caring attention, and you'll find me checking out my observations and thoughts with you.  At times you'll receive suggestions for interventions.  Sometimes you'll be asked to do things between sessions, or asked to experiment with ways of thinking and behaving.  As you progress, you might want to modify your goals.

Sometimes you'll be laughing.  Other times, you may be entertaining thoughts and feelings you've been unaware of or have been avoiding-- some surprisingly positive, others, not so much.  But all of this information is valauable, and when we enter into these areas, you set the pace for how quickly of slowly we move, so that you grow, but with safety and comfort. 

You should find, session by session, greater learning and healing which leads to fulfilling your goals and puts more life in your dance.

Kathy Nash, M.A., L.P.C., license #882                                                          phone:  307-760-5665

1277 N. 15th Street                                                                                              email:

Laramie, Wyoming 82070                                                                       

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