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Major changes and transitions can be some of the most wonderful (marriage, birth of a child, a new job) and the most painful experiences of our lives.  Loss of a job, divorce, death of a spouse or someone important, a major decrease in health-- as well as changes that cut both ways such as empty nesting, retirement, or moving-- all require major changes in how we live life.   

We don't necessarily want to make all the changes required of us or may not know how to make them. Either way we may find ourselves with depression, anxiety, physical symptoms, disturbed sleep, anger, doubt as we try to work it through and adjust to new circumstances.

There are things you can do to help your process, such as talking with others who've gone through the same things.  Or trying to make small positive steps in the direction you'd like to go.

But you may find yourself stuck.  Are you sad and joyless too much of the time? Are your relationships suffering?  Do you hate the changes you're facing too much to want to adjust to them?  Being heard can help, as can exploring feelings, uncertainties, and perhaps learning new skills and old, perhaps overlooked strengths.  I would walk with you to facilitate overcoming resistance and embracing more comforting directions.

Anger management

We all get angry.  It's a given.  Like other emotions, anger in itself is healthy.  It can signal when we realistically are in danger, are being treated unfairly, or need to defend ourselves.

But sometimes we may find we react with excessive anger in ways that are disrupting or frightening to ourselves or others.  Or, we may be generally grumpy, irritable. discontented, withdrawn.    Either of these or the many other ways unhelpful anger presents itself is hard on relationships, work and life enjoyment!

There are things you can try on your own to lessen anger that seems excessive:


Reasoning with yourself to overcome exaggerated grievances

Steady problem-solving

Listening and communicating carefully

Using non-sarcastic humor

Making changes around things that cause upset

If you come to feel, however, that your anger is out of your ability to change and it is hurting your life, counseling might be a good choice.  We would work to  find ways to decrease destructive epressions of anger and replace them with effective ways of communicating.  We would also address the feelings of anger and stress themselves and their sources to make deeper changes in order to start restoring the things anger has disrupted and help you learn how to bring about the experiences you really want.

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